Thursday 3rd October

Community-Based Filmmaking Techniques

NACC @ 5:15pm

In Attendance

Danis Goulet

Community-based filmmaking focuses on community cooperation and participation in the filmmaking process. Indigenous filmmakers have been on the forefront of the art of community-based filmmaking, which was brought into the spotlight in Canada after the release of Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner in 2001. In 2011, Cree/Metis filmmaker Danis Goulet worked with a community in northern Saskatchewan to make the short film Barefoot. Working with Aboriginal youth who had never acted before, she explored theatre workshop techniques that focus on leadership development with Aboriginal youth through drama. In this class, Danis will discuss the making the film and, specifically, the process and results of working with the youth.

Friday 4th October

Saturday 5th October

How to Audition for Film & Television – 1, 2, 3 Steps to Do Your Best

NACC @ 11:00am

In Attendance

Reneltta Arluk

A little insight to what happens behind the closed door in a film and television audition. Learn what to do before you walk in the room and, most importantly, what you need to do once you get in there. Reneltta Arluk will teach troubleshooting and prepping, and explore what angles are best. There’ll be a camera there too so bring your best smile!

Sunday 6th October

What does it mean to be Original?

NACC @ 11:00am

In Attendance

Kirsten Carthew

Learn how to legally cite the work of other artists, protect your own work and apply creative commons licensing to promote “free” culture. Appreciation of copyright law is essential to both amateur and professional production and distribution. The affordances and limitations of copyright law are fundamental to innovation and creative expression.

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Wednesday 1st October

Opening Reception

NACC @ 6:00pm

In the NACC lobby prior to the first screening.

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Wednesday Early

NACC @ 6:30pm

In Attendance

Natasha Duchene Chris Gamble Clark Ferguson Danis Goulet Kirsten Carthew Reneltta Arluk Tony Rabesca Marc Winkler


2012, CAN (Saskatchewan), Danis Goulet, 11 min

In a tightly-knit Cree community in northern Canada, 16-year-old Alyssa's desire to become a mother takes shape in this captivating coming-of-age story that shows what one person wants can affect not only them, but those around them.



2013, CAN (Quebec/Nunavut), Marie-Hélène Cousineau and Madeline Piujuq Ivalu, 86 min

Anna returns for the first time to the small, close-knit community of Igloolik in the Canadian Arctic with her 14-year-old son, Tomas. While working in the community years ago, Anna had a short-lived affair with Tomas’s Inuk father. Tomas is a bright and strong young man, curious about his father’s culture, but for his mother and his Inuit family, Tomas’s homecoming brings back painful memories of their shared history. Over two weeks that seem like one long day under the relentless Arctic sun, Anna and Tomas strive to avenge their fractured family. Uvanga is the second feature film from the team of filmmakers that won Best First Canadian Feature Film at the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival for Before Tomorrow.


English and Inuktitut with subtitles

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Wednesday Late

NACC @ 8:30pm

In Attendance

Clark Ferguson Chris Gamble Danis Goulet Kirsten Carthew Reneltta Arluk Tony Rabesca Natasha Duchene France Benoit Marc Winkler

Tundra Cowboy

2013, CAN (Northwest Territories), Marc Winkler, 18 min

Reindeer have played a vital role human life for hundreds of thousands of years. The Sami of northern Scandinavia are one of several reindeer-herding cultures in the circumpolar North who are trying to find a balance between their traditions and the modern world. Henrik William Seva comes from a long line of nomadic herders, but at 49 years old he became disillusioned with how the craft was being practiced in Sweden. The film follows him as he moves to the frozen shores of Canada’s Arctic Ocean, where he is the lone herder of 3,000 reindeer, and then returns to his homeland, where the traditions of his ancestors are being eclipsed by technology and the demands of today’s economy. Tundra Cowboy shows the intimate bond Henrik created with the reindeer, and how the stillness of the tundra helped him come to peace with tragedy and a stark future.

Stemmen uit de Toendra De laatste der Joekagiren (Voices from the Tundra - The Last of the Yukagirs)

2012, NTL, Edwin Trommelen, 66 min

In northeastern Siberia, above the Arctic Circle, live the Tundra Yukagirs, nomadic reindeer herders. Sixty-three of them still speak Yukagir, a uniquely musical language in which storytellers relate traditional tales of Yukagir history. Cecilia Ode has made repeated trips to the remote corner of eastern Siberia the Yukagirs call home to capture their language and preserve it for posterity. Ode's diagnosis of metastatic cancer threatened to end these trips, but a period of remission enabled her to return to the land of the Yukagirs once again, perhaps for the last time.

Stemmen uit de Toendra De laatste der Joekagiren (Voices from the Tundra - The Last of the Yukagirs)

Russian with English subtitles

Thursday 2nd October

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Thursday Afternoon

NACC @ 4:00pm

Seven Persons

2013, CAD (Alberta/Ontario), Chris Romeike, 19 min

A lyrical meditation that explores landscape, origin, identity and compromise in the rural prairies of Southern Alberta. Cinematically weaving together the story of a conflicted 1880s Métis surveyor who makes a haunting discovery, and a ten-year-old urban boy in 1990 whose innocence is challenged. The stories are interlaced in a portrait of the land they share and an area called Seven Persons. The film sets out to create a dream-like enigma where environmental tones resonate within the main characters, merging notions of past and present.

Seven Persons


2013, CAD (Ontario), Walter Woodman, Patrick Cederberg, 17 min

Playing out entirely on a teenager's computer screen, Noah follows its protagonist as his relationship takes a rapid turn for the worse in this fascinating study of behavior and romance in the digital age. The film examines our increasingly public lives and how online language is used to communicate our most profound experiences.



2013, CAD (Ontario), Jasmin Mozaffari, 15 min

Lou and Chantal are two shit-disturbers from a town whose only remaining attraction is truck-stop prostitution. Their dreams of escaping are shattered when Lou's savings are stolen by her mom's alcoholic boyfriend. With nowhere left to go and nothing left to lose, Lou heads out into the night, bottle of whiskey in hand and no regrets.


The Captive

2013, CAD (Northwest Territories), Lesley Johnson, 10 min

Emily wakes up in a horrific situation, bound and tied at the mercy of her captor. The Captive was shot for the inaugural NWT Dead North Horror Shorts competition.

The Captive

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Thursday Early

NACC @ 6:30pm

Une Ballade à la Mer

2012, France, Damien Stein, 3 min

A small animated character embarks on an adventure to free his goldfish in an Odyssean journey towards the sea, through city and nature.

Une Ballade à la Mer

Walks Like A...

2013, CAN (Yukon), Arlin McFarlane, 3 min

A young girl prefers corduroy pants and trucks to dresses and dolls, while two grandmothers drink tea, smoke and critique her behaviour. But dry air and wool socks result in an unexpected shock. Retribution is delicious, even if the question of gender lingers heavily in the room.

Walks Like A...

Visages au Féminin - Lise

2013, CAD (Northwest Territories), France Benoit, 6 min

As part of the exhibit "Visages au féminin" about francophone, francophile and immigrant women living in the North, the French Cultural Association of Yellowknife presents a series of short films entitled "Les mots pour le dire", or "Words to Say It". Directed by France Benoit, the six short films give us a portrait of women who live in Yellowknife and describe their choice to do so. They speak about their day-to-day life and their impressions of the city.

Visages au Féminin - Lise

Visages au féminin - Grey

2013, CAD (Northwest Territories), France Benoit, 6 min

As part of the exhibit "Visages au féminin" about francophone, francophile and immigrant women living in the North, the French Cultural Association of Yellowknife presents a series of short films entitled "Les mots pour le dire", or "Words to Say It". Directed by France Benoit, the six short films give us a portrait of women who live in Yellowknife and describe their choice to do so. They speak about their day-to-day life and their impressions of the city.

Visages au féminin - Grey

Laurence Anyways

2012, CAD (Quebec), Xavier Dolan, 169 min

A striking love story set in 1990s Montreal. A man, Laurence, has just told his girlfriend, Fred, that he wants to become a woman. What follows is a tumultuous, decade-long odyssey during which the couple fights passionately to salvage their relationship. In spite of the odds and in spite of each other, they confront the prejudices of their friends, ignore the counsel of their families, and brave the phobias of the society they offend. Certainly Dolan’s most ambitious film to date, it is a monumental tale about relationships and identity—a story of impossible love that, once experienced, can never be fully relinquished.

Laurence Anyways

French with English subtitles (Mature themes). The film competed in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival where Suzanne Clément won the Un Certain Regard Award for Best Actress. It went on to win the Best Canadian Feature Award at TIFF 2012.

Fucking Tos (Damn Girl)

2012, Denmark, Kira Richards Hansen, 13 min

Damn Girl is a coming-of-age story about Alex, a 12-year old tomboy. She hangs out with a group of only boys, drinks and paints graffiti at night. Confronted with an incipient sexuality she fights the changes that are taking place within and around her.

Fucking Tos (Damn Girl)

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Thursday Late

NACC @ 8:30pm

Abe and Alfred

2013, CAD (Northwest Territories), Kirsten Carthew, 29 min

Abe is a Gwich’in single father living in a remote community near the Arctic circle. The filmmaker met Abe while auditioning local talent for the role of "Alfred", a hunter and trapper, in an upcoming feature film. Abe’s immediate connection to the fictional character inspired the filmmaker to use the scripted experiences of "Alfred" to explore Abe’s real-life story.

Abe and Alfred


2013, CAD (Yukon), Traolach Ó Murchú, 10 min

Gordie is an intimate self-authored documentary that tells the story of a Tlingit First Nation man who continues to struggle with the trauma of a devastating childhood event. The film shows forgiveness can be found in the most brutal of realities.


The Woman Who Came Back

2013, CAD (Alberta/Northwest Territories), Adolfo Ruiz, in collaboration with the community of Behchoko, 5 min

The Woman Who Came Back is the result of an 18-month research collaboration between the Tlicho community of Behchoko in the Northwest Territories, designer/filmmaker Adolfo Ruiz, and actress Reneltta Arluk. Based on an oral narrative shared by Tlicho elders, the visualization of this project combines indigenous methodologies with the practice of art, design and animation.

The Woman Who Came Back

Kuekuatsheu Mak Muak (Wolverine and Loon)

2013, CAD (Newfoundland), Navarana Igloliorte, in collaboration with Reneltta Arluk, 15 min

In this short film, Innu elder Mani Katnen Nuna tells an ensemble of Innu youth a story about Wolverine and the Loon. As the story begins, the youth become the animals they are hearing about. Set amidst the snowy landscape, these youth depict the eerie story about how Wolverine's trickster ways forever transformed the Loon into the bird that we know today. This film was made with the support of the Sheshatshiu Innu First Nation.

Kuekuatsheu Mak Muak (Wolverine and Loon)


2012, CAD (Saskatchewan), Danis Goulet, 11 min

In a tightly-knit Cree community in northern Canada, 16-year-old Alyssa's desire to become a mother takes shape in this captivating coming-of-age story that shows what one person wants can affect not only them, but those around them.


Friday 3rd October

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Friday Afternoon

NACC @ 4:00pm

Chasing Ice

2012, USA/Iceland, Jeff Orlowski, 75 min

Acclaimed environmental photographer James Balog heads to the Arctic to capture images that will tell the story of the Earth’s changing climate. Chasing Ice is the story of one man’s mission to change the course of history by gathering undeniable evidence of our changing planet. Battling untested technology in sub-zero conditions, coming face-to-face with his own mortality, the photographer conceived the boldest expedition of his life: The Extreme Ice Survey. With a band of young adventurers, Balog began deploying revolutionary time-lapse cameras across the Arctic to capture multi-year records delivering evidence of the world’s changing glaciers, and hope, to our carbon-powered planet.

Chasing Ice

Chasing Ice won the Excellence in Cinematography Award at the Sundance Festival and the US Documentary The Environmental Media Association’s 22nd Annual Best Documentary Award, along with many other awards.

Friday Early

NACC @ 6:00pm

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Friday Late

NACC @ 8:30pm

Hi Ho Mistahey!

2013, CAN (Ontario), Alanis Obomsawin, 100 min

The Attawapiskat First Nation closed their elementary school in 2000 due to toxic land contamination. Since then, students have been learning in chilly rundown portables infested with rodents. This has led to high teacher turnover (in one year twelve teachers left) and a list of other problems. Frustrated by unfulfilled promises of a new school by the government, the late Shannen Koostachin began one of the largest-ever youth-driven movements, now called "Shannen's Dream," which pressed for safe, comfortable schools and culturally based, equitable education for aboriginal students. In her latest documentary, which premiered at TIFF in September 2013, Alanis Obomsawin tells the story of Shannen’s Dream, bringing together the voices of those who have successfully brought the Dream all the way to the United Nations in Geneva.

Hi Ho Mistahey!

Saturday 4th October

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Saturday Afternoon Early

NACC @ 3:30pm

NWT short Films

North Paws

2013, CAN (Northwest Territories), Natasha Duchene, 47 min

Since ancient times when humans first experienced the incredible hardships of Canada’s North, dogs were there too, fighting with us to survive. They were hard workers and good friends who asked for little in return. Now, Northern communities are caught between modern and traditional worlds, and dogs have lost their place. What were once working dogs are now unemployed dogs; new technology and a shift away from a nomadic lifestyle have eliminated the need for dogs for survival alone. With the changing role of dogs and a lack of veterinary services to take care of them, there was great potential for suffering unless urgent action was taken to address the situation. Against a backdrop of stunning landscapes and unique communities and characters, North Paws shows how a small group of people can make a positive difference in their community and beyond to improve the livelihood of resident dogs. Their stories, both personal and universal, will take viewers deep into the heart of the life in the North, this very special part of Canada that so few of us get to see.

North Paws

Saturday Afternoon Late

NACC @ 5:00pm


Knife Knews

2013, CAN (Northwest Territories), Jay Bulckaert and Pablo Saravanja, 15 min

Knife Knews, created in 2010, started with a couple of buddies commiserating about a comedy show when suddenly they heard a loud bang outside. They ran to see what had happened and there on the ground lay a dead squirrel who met his untimely demise on the now-fried electrical wire dangling before their eyes. That dead squirrel, featured in Episode 1, started it all. Knife Knews has gone on to build a cult status in Yellowknife for bringing you the news "you never knew that you didn't need so badly". This satirical show skews all things Yellowknife in the most loving and absurd way and is produced by the controlled creative chaos that is Artless Collective. Knife Knews is now airing its second season with the help and support of Northwestel Cable 20.

Knife Knews

Visages Au Féminin - Ingrid

2013, CAN (Northwest Territories), France Benoit, 6 min

As part of the exhibit "Visages au féminin" about francophone, francophile and immigrant women living in the North, the French Cultural Association of Yellowknife presents a series of short films entitled "Les mots pour le dire", or "Words to Say It". Directed by France Benoit, the six short films give us a portrait of women who live in Yellowknife and describe their choice to do so. They speak about their day-to-day life and their impressions of the city.

Visages Au Féminin - Ingrid

The Space

2013, CAN (Northwest Territories), Mary Caroline Cox, 6 min

Shot on the shores of the Liard River, in the wilds of the Northwest Territories, Director, Mary C. Cox brings her poem The Spaaace to life in the same region where it was written. It's the story of a woman's strength and peaceful contentment as she lives out her destiny of love, and finds a partner to share in her rustic lifestyle.

The Space


2013, CAN (Northwest Territories), Ian MacDougall, 4 min

Eli is a music video shot by Yellowknife filmmaker Ian MacDougall for the Calgary-based indie band Reuben in the Dark.


Come Fall

2013, CAN (Northwest Territories), Aidan Cartwright, 3 min

As an observer, one sees that many things fall in the autumn. This short animation looks at those things which fall and realizes the impacts that they have.

Come Fall

Arctic Octane

2013, CAN (Northwest Territories), Kevin Klingbeil, 5 min

Arctic Octane is a short winter action video filmed by Yellowknife-based photographer Kevin Klingbeil.

Arctic Octane

Pottery Wars

2013, CAN (Northwest Territories), Michelle Naomi Swallow, 11 min

Pottery Wars follows Jason, Paul and Noah as they prepare, strategize and bully their way into purchasing pottery gems. Witness the scheming, passion and drama that happen behind the scenes to get that perfect piece of pottery. See elbows fly at a sale where no piece of pottery will be left standing and where dreams are made and shattered all in the name of pottery. Pottery Wars is Michelle Swallow’s debut short film, and was made possible through a grant from the Western Arctic Moving Pictures 4 Seasons program.

Pottery Wars

Shadow of a Giant

2013, CAN (Quebec/NWT), Clark Ferguson, 40 min

Shadow of a Giant is an interactive web documentary that tells the story of Giant Mine, one of Canada's most contaminated industrial sites, from the point of view of community members impacted by its controversial legacy, and by several stakeholders in the environmental clean-up process. For perspectives on the relationship with the abandoned site, community members are asked to re-imagine the Giant Mine site into a positive social and environmental place for either themselves or their community. These re-imaginings are then interwoven with the history of Giant Mine. Shadow of a Giant brings to light not only the environmental legacy of the site, but asks the most basic questions: What is the true cost of industrial extraction, and what have we learned from the legacy of Giant Mine?

Shadow of a Giant

The project is in collaboration with Western Arctic Moving Pictures, Producer Lesley Johnson and Sailing on Sound. This screening is a sneak preview of the film and website in the final stages of completion to be released later in the fall.

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Saturday Evening Early

NACC @ 6:30pm

Kon Tiki

2012, Norway, Espen Sandberg, 118 min

Kon Tiki is a sweeping adventure detailing Thor Heyerdahl's daring attempt in 1947 to prove that early settlers from South America once populated Polynesia by sailing across the Pacific on simple balsa wood rafts. Rejected by every publisher he approaches to print his unusual thesis, Heyerdahl (Pål Sverre Hagen) eventually decides that the only way to prove it is to make the journey as the entire world watches, on a balsa wood raft called Kon Tiki, with five inexperienced crew members. The crew did not pack any modern technology on board of the raft, except for a simple radio. With the world media watching, the crew navigated the Kon Tiki across the Pacific Ocean using the stars, driven by the currents and wind. While taking on thunder storms, sharks and the dangers of the wide open sea, it's six brave men against nature trying to get the Kon Tiki across to the Polynesian shore. After gambling all he has, including his marriage, on this journey, Heyerdahl is determined to succeed.

Kon Tiki

Kon Tiki was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film at the 2012 Academy Awards, at the Golden Globe Awards, and at the Satellite Awards. It won the prize for Audience Award at the Norwegian International Film Festival.

Saturday Evening Late

NACC @ 9:00pm

Rebelle (War Witch)

2012, CAN (Quebec), Kim Nguyen, 90 min

Komona is only 12 years old when she is kidnapped by rebel soldiers and enslaved to a life of guerrilla warfare in the African jungle. Forced to commit unspeakable acts of brutality, she finds hope for survival in protective, ghost-like visions (inspiring a rebel chief to anoint her "War Witch"), and in a tender relationship with a fellow soldier named Magician. Together, they manage to escape the rebels' clutches, and a normal life finally seems within reach. But after their freedom proves short-lived, Komona realizes she must find a way to bury the ghosts of her past.

Rebelle (War Witch)

*French/Lingala with English Subtitles (Adult content). The film was in competition for the Golden Bear at the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival in February 2012, where Rachel Mwanza won the Silver Bear for Best Actress. She also won the award for Best Actress at the 2012 Tribeca Film Festival. The film was Canada's entry in the Best Foreign Language Film category at the 85th Academy Awards, and became one of the five nominees. The film was the top winner at the 2013 Canadian Screen Awards, winning 10 awards including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor.

Sunday 5th October

Sunday Afternoon

NACC @ 4:00pm

International Shorts

Chasing Ninth

2013, CAN (Northwest Territories), Chris Gamble, 105 min

In June 2012, a relay team of eight Yellowknife cyclists and nine crew participated in the Race Across America (RAAM). The original goal of the team was to simply finish the five-thousand kilometer race from California to Maryland and not come in last. But only a day into the race, the team find themselves in the middle of the pack, fighting to stay in the top half of the field. Chasing Ninth documents the exhausting and often hilarious story of a team of cyclists from Canada’s sub-arctic trying to survive the brutal heat, sleep deprivation and a growing rift in the team as personal and team goals begin to conflict.

Chasing Ninth

Sunday Early

NACC @ 6:00pm

Arctic Mosque

2013, CAN (Northwest Territories), Saira Rahman/Nilufer Rahman, 45 min

Arctic Mosque is the story of a little mosque's epic 4,500-kilometre journey across Canada by road and river. As the northernmost mosque in the western hemisphere establishes its roots in the arctic permafrost, so too does the small yet eclectic community of Inuvik Muslims who carve out a unique Canadian identity as they find friendship and a home amongst some of the oldest cultures in Canada.

Arctic Mosque

Sunday Late

NACC @ 7:30pm